TREX- 2010 Trusted Exchange

Adds formal and secure messaging services to the commercial Microsoft Exchange™ server

Trusted Exchange 2010 (TREX-2010™) is a ‘bolt-on’ product to the standard Microsoft Exchange 2010™ GroupWare Server that offers centralised functional, intelligence, and security capabilities for e-mail services.

TREX-2010 is a layer that surrounds the commercial Microsoft Exchange 2010 and performs active/passive intercepts of each message for tracking and/or additional processing. The rules that govern which messages are to be subject to TREX-2010 value-added processing and which are to flow through untouched are configurable by address or by organisation.

Following TREX- 2010 processing, the message is returned to Microsoft Exchange 2010 for normal, onward processing and distribution.

TREX-2010 accepts and processes messages from the standard Microsoft Outlook™ client with the optional Boldon James SAFEmail™ or Nexor Defender ™ snap-on that provides formal/militarized client services.

trex 2010

TREX-2010 Features

Message Tracking and Reporting Tracking for end-to-end message delivery with automatic notification actions for delivery failures/delays
Message Profiling Content based distribution based upon key words found within the message header/body. Various languages supported
Message Distribution Local Distribution List handling and expansion; Submtter authorization checking also performed
Message Encryption / Signature Services Full SMIME-V3 message decryption, encryption, and signature validation processing (incl. CRL checks)
Message Virus Scanning Message attachments within clear and/or encrypted messages are checked for viruses
Archive & Export
Messages are archived to a designated public folder and/or exported in XML format to an external system

Message Tracking and Reporting

Tracks end-to-end message delivery and performs automatic notification actions for delivery failures/delays. TREX-2010 supports guaranteed end-to-end message tracking and notification. As TREX ‘sniffs’ all messages/reports passing through or originated from Exchange 2010, an internal audit is created for each message noting key items about the message such as expiry time and the intended recipients. From this point forward, it will continually track the progress of the message, coordinating with other TREX-2010 servers until the message is delivered, a delivery error is encountered, or the message expires. For delivery failures of any kind, TREX-2010 will perform automatic user and/or administrator notification actions.

Message Profiling

Performs content-based distribution (including SIC processing) for all formal messages received at the GroupWare Server (GWS). TREX-2010 supports content based distribution based upon key words and/or SIC codes found within the message header/body. For this capability, an extensive set of profile/SIC GUIs is provided for creation/maintenance of the key-word/SIC ‘rules’ and associated distribution lists. English and European character sets are supported.

Message Distribution

Performs local Distribution List handling and expansion for all formal messages received at the GWS. Messages addressed to Mail/Address Lists are distributed per the membership lists defined within the X.500 directory. In addition, authorized submitter checks, per recipient token generation, and removal of specified exempt addresses are also performed.

Message Encryption/Signature Services

Decryption/Encryption of formal messages as required in support of other TREX-2010 value added services. TREX-2010 supports SMIME-V3 message decryption, encryption, and signature validation processing. For received encrypted/signed messages, TREX-2010 fully validates the protected content prior to content-based processing. This includes CRL (certificate revocation list) checking. Following TREX-2010 processing, the message is re-encrypted and signed for onward distribution to the newly derived set of recipients. During this cryptography phase, TREX-2010 preserves the inner most originator signature thus maintaining full non-repudiation and message integrity from writer to reader.

Message Archive & Export

Maintains a permanent record of all inbound/outbound formal messages (both message content and status) for formal auditing. Messages passing through TREX-2010 can be archived to a designated public folder. Standard Exchange/Outlook capabilities are used to manage this folder and its contents with regard to folder permissions and message operations such as print/view/sort/resend. As an alternative, messages can be exported in XML format to a designated directory for pickup and processing by an external archive or other workflow system.

Message Virus Scanning

If a virus is found within a clear or encrypted message, it can be held off and the appropriate personnel notified. Message attachments within clear and/or encrypted messages are checked for viruses. Messages containing contaminated attachments are moved to a designated ‘infected’ folder for manual handling.

Exchange 2010 Status

TREX-2010™ is available now as a new license or an upgrade to an existing TREX license. This product is compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2010™.


The TREX-2010 is available directly from CommPower and also from Boldon James and Nexor