Provides secure, mass-distribution of X.400/P772 messages per established Adress Lists

CommPower's US e-Mail™ Mail List Agent (MLA) is a secure, mass-distribution X.400 messaging product that allows users to distribute messages to multiple recipients quickly, easily, and reliably. A sister product to CommPower's US e-Mail Multi-Function Interpreter (MFI), the MLA shares the same superb security architecture which allows it to process sensitive data without compromise. In addition, the MLA boasts a feature-rich capability suite that offers maximum flexibility and control.


MLA Overview

The MLA operates standalone or part of a clustered MLA pool to deliver secure and expedient Address List (AL) expansion and dissemination.

Each MLA is responsible for a specific set of Address Lists.  This responsibility set is determined automatically via the set of installed, online certificates (for one-to-one AL/certificate bindings within the X.500 directory), or manually in support of many-to-one associations between ALs and certificates.

Once configured, the MLA fetches the AL data (authorized submitters, receipt policy and members) from the designated external X.500 directory for local storage within its online cache.  During this cache download stage, AL looping and membership validity checks are performed to ensure data consistency and completeness and thus reduce the possibility of downstream processing errors.  Once established, this cache of data is refreshed every X days (configurable) to ensure synchronization with the master X.500 directory.

For each message received, the MLA performs the necessary authorized submitter checks to verify that the message originator is indeed authorized to use the subject AL.  In addition, security label validation is performed to validate that the message originator, the AL, and each AL member possess the appropriate privilege level per the message security label values.

Only when all security checks have successfully completed, will the MLA generate an encryption token (as necessary) for each new recipient (as determined by the AL membership list) and sequence sign the message for onward delivery.

In addition, the MLA fully supports the individual AL receipt policy as specified within the X.500 directory.  These instructions guide the MLA regarding signed receipt generation (what component should generate the receipt, and where should it be sent).

As with all CommPower messaging products, the MLA offers a rich set of management controls to ensure the proper function of the product.  These controls include:

  • Online message storage (30-40 days) and retrieval (display, print, release, journal)
  • Full message audit and journaling (message, system, and statistical data)
  • Realtime performance monitoring (message and channel status)
  • Hot swap of encryption keys.  Received messages requiring the swapped-out keys are held internally until the replacement keys are brought online
  • MLA clustering and coordination for increased performance and availability

MLA Status
The CommPower MLA product is a core certified and operational component within the U.S. DMS Program.

The MLA is available directly from CommPower and also via our partner Lockheed Martin (U.S. DMS)