Provides secure, seamless communication between legacy ACP127/8 and e-Mail domains

The US e-Mail™ Multi-Function Gateway (MFG), also known as the Multi-Function Interpreter (MFI), offers secure and transparent messaging between disparate communities, including DMS & NATO ACP123/STANAG-4406 based networks, AUTODIN (JANAP128 over Mode I and Mode II) and NICS-TARE (ACP127 over EDC and Async).


MFG Overview

The MFG is a messaging gateway that facilitates seamless communication between legacy ACP127/8 domains and more modern e-mail networks.  The MFG accepts, validates and processes a variety of message formats (legacy and e-mail) and, based upon input domain criteria and header addressing information, automatically performs all necessary archival, security processing, format conversions, event logging, and forwarding functions to deliver the message to its ultimate set of intended recipients.

In addition, the MFG can be used as a legacy switching system, providing connectivity and “Comm Center” functionality for up to 200 discrete legacy I/O connections.

Other key MFG functions include X.500 directory access via DAP, remote service management and control via SNMP, policy driven security label translation services, and an embedded B2-type data labeling and exchange mechanism known as the Secure network Queue Manager (SNQM) to provide true multi-level security/sensitivity processing.

MFG Screen Shots

The MFG utilizes configurable Security Policy Translation Tables (SPTTs) to map security labels between legacy and e-mail formats.  These SPTT tables are created/maintained using an associated SPTT toolset (delivered as part of the MFG/MFI) and are posted to the X.500 directory for subsequent download by the MFG.  Using the SPTT concept, security translation processing can be customized for each organization and country.

Note: The MFG/MFI is nearing end-of-life and will be superseded by the CP-XJP (coupled with the CP-EXP). Please refer the product descriptions for these components for more information.

MFG/MFI Status:
The CommPower MFI Product is a core certified and operational component within the U.S. DMS Program.

The MFG/MFI is available directly from CommPower and also from our partner Lockheed Martin (U.S. DMS).