Provides ACP120 / SMIME / P772 portal connectivity to XML enabled backside systems

The CommPower Enterprise XML Portal (CP-EXP™) serves as an enterprise grade ACP123/ STANAG-4406 interface for external applications not capable of processing X.400/P772 formatted messages. The CP-EXP connects directly to the messaging backbone and sends/receives military X.400 messages on behalf of a designated community.

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CP-EXP Features
Message Reception

For each message received, the CP-EXP performs all security processing in a compliant/certified manner and translates the X.400 military message to the XML (Extensible Markup Language) format for processing by an XML-enabled backside system.  During the translation process, all elements of service including the full security label and any included attachments are preserved.

Message Transmission Messages are created on the external messaging system and submitted to the CP-EXP in XML format.  A Security Label interactive API is provided to assist the end user in the creation of valid message security labels in accordance with the ACP120 DMS or SMIME security policy.  For each XML message received, the CP-EXP performs XML to X.400 translation services, applies the appropriate encryption services, and transmits the message to the X.400 network for onward distribution processing.
Report / Receipt
Full end-to-end services are provided for delivery/non-delivery reports and signed receipts.  For received X.400 reports/receipts, each is correlated with its parent XML message, converted to XML and transmitted to the external messaging system.  For receipt/report transmission to the X.400 network, a Message API is available to the external messaging system to indicate local XML message delivery/read status and thus signal the CP-EXP to transmit any corresponding report/receipt.
Message Relay The CP-EXP supports system and per-organization relays in which a copy of the X.400/P772 message will be relayed to other external systems in one of 3 configurable formats (clear, signed only, signed encrypted).
An Admin API is available to correlate CP-EXP organizations with external system users for purposes of release authorization verification;  Web-Based Remote administration is supported; Clustered configurations are supported; Supports multiple backside XML systems.

CP-EXP Solutions:

  • Legacy and Web Portal:
  • Work Flow Portal
  • Primary/Backup Web Portal
  • CP-EXP Status
  • Available From

The CP-EXP (standalone and clustered) can support multiple backside XML systems. In the figure below a single CP-EXP cluster supports a legacy (ACP126/128) community via a pairing with the CommPower CP-XJP product; as well as support for a separate web-based messaging community.

cp-expimage 2

The CP-EXP (standalone and clustered) can be used to extend a formal/military messaging network to a custom workflow environment.

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The CP-EXP (standalone and clustered) can provide synchronized portal services for a primary/backup mail server.

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The CommPower CP-EXP product is a core certified and operational component within the U.S. DMS Program.