About CommPower

CommPower was founded as a California Corporation in October of 1984. As a privately held company, it qualifies as a U.S. owned small business concern with less than 50 employees.

From inception, CommPower has been seeking excellence in the system development and integration market, with emphasis on real-time message processing/switching and data communications applications for military and meteorological markets.

Since 1988, the company has also specialized in the development of custom software products for secure and reliable message handling systems, sold to Government and Defense agencies within the U.S. and to NATO allies.

CommPower has established a record of successful performance as a prime contractor as well as a subcontractor. Partnerships with major systems integrators, defense prime contractors, and commercial technology companies are often formed in the pursuit of major military and government contracts.

CommPower’s corporate facility in Camarillo, California offers state-of-the-art computer/software development, test and training capabilities. Just 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean and halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Camarillo is located within one of the fastest growing new technology corridors of Southern California.

  • As a System Integrator
  • As a Software Product Supplier
  • Integrated Logistic Support

As a System Integrator

As a system integrator, CommPower has successfully developed, deployed, and supported turnkey systems since 1985. The capability to design and develop turnkey systems to unique customer requirements and to install, test, train users on, and support these systems throughout their operational lifecycles is directly attributable to the talent and versatility of the staff and to its ability to address the various disciplines of project definition, implementation, and support phases.

Proven practices and procedures for project management, configuration management, and quality control ensure that the requirements are met in a timely fashion and that delivered systems are reliable and supportable.

A major undertaking by CommPower has been the development, deployment, and support of 120+ computerized radio broadcast stations for the National Weather Service (NWS) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) known as the Console Replacement System (CRS).  This expertise in turn, enabled CommPower to successfully design and implement a complex, centralized CRS replacement system as part of the NWS WRIP program.  In addition to CRS, CommPower has delivered the CommPower Text-to-Speech Broadcast System (CTBS) as the backbone automated weather broadcast system for the U.S. Coast Guard Rescue 21 Program and the Canadian Coast Guard Marine Weather Broadcast System. 

For the defense community, CommPower has delivered a number of secure message handling systems to government and defense agencies in the U.S. as well as overseas. These systems are typically operated around-the-clock and comprise fully redundant architectures and fail-safe characteristics. CommPower has over the years been able to refine and simplify the man-machine interface and associated hardware and software interactions of such highly reliable and dualized architectures thereby assuring no loss of messages during fallback switching and failure recovery.  Customers of these fail-safe messaging systems include the U.S. Department of Defense (all branches), and Marconi Communications in the U.K.

As a SoftwareProduct Supplier

As a software product supplier, CommPower has specialized in the development of software products for secure messaging, primarily for military and government applications (domestic and abroad). The company has gained unique expertise in solving the problems associated with interoperability between modern e-mail based networks and legacy record-based message switching infrastructures.  In this business space, CommPower offers seven unique messaging products that provide gateway solutions for XML, X.400, SMTP, and military legacy environments.

Many of CommPower’s products form the gateway core of the U.S. Defense Message System (lead by Lockheed Martin as the Prime Contractor), allowing disparate systems to connect to DMS and exchange messages with other DMS systems/users in a secure and seamless manner.

In its role as product supplier, CommPower also participates in forums whose focus is the standardization of message formats and interfaces.  Of special note is CommPower’s current role as a key contributor in defining a set of common XML (Extensible Markup Language) templates for military messaging.  CommPower introduced XML into U.S. military messaging in 2000 and since this time, CommPower’s own XML definitions have become the “de facto standard” within the DoD.

Integrated Logistics Support

CommPower is fully qualified and staffed to comply with a customer-specified Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) program, including preparation of tailored documentation, planning and conduct of training courses, and definition, supply, and refurbishment of site/depot-level spare parts. Software maintenance support for the company’s standard products is purchased on an annual basis and includes correction of reported deficiencies in accordance with a priority system (based on error severity) as well as periodical product updates.

CommPower maintains strict configuration management for all released products. For each product release, a separate configuration "branch" is created that contains all software, drivers, and data used to build and test that particular release. Using this method, errors encountered in the field can be reproduced quickly and concisely. Further, patches can be generated quickly and easily with very little risk to the installed operational base. All software branches are maintained for at least 2 years, or until 2 major releases (as opposed to maintenance releases) have been shipped (whichever comes last).